Friday, August 6, 2010

How can one prepare for goodbyes

John and ever, they didn’t quite know how to say goodbye. You see, john and ever’s relationship couldn’t last even if they wanted it to. They had to say goodbye to each on a regular basis, Each goodbye, they thought was final. Of course we know better.

True to his word, john did collect as many memories as he could of Ever. Everytime they went out, he took pictures and videos. he took screenshots of their convos. John was of the opinion that their memories were far too precious to just store in his head so he made lots and lots of copies. They had a few hiccups but their memories were mostly happy memories

They were living on borrowed time so he treated every moment he had with her as if it could be their last. He made sure that every significant memory was recorded.

They have tried multiple times to say goodbye to each other. Their relationship BEGAN with a goodbye actually.

This convo happened just the night after they first met

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